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ICTC in the State

INTEGRATED COUNSELLING AND TESTING CENTRE (ICTC): An Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre is a place where a person is voluntarily counselled and tested for HIV or as per advice by a medical provider and confidentiality is strictly maintained. The main functions of an ICTC include early detection of HIV, provision of basic information on modes of transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS for promoting behavioural change and reducing vulnerability and linking people with other HIV prevention, care and treatment services. There are 16 Stand Alone ICTCs’ 5 PPP-ICTCs’ (Public Private Partnership), 49 F-ICTCs (Facility Integrated) and 3 Mobile ICTCs’ catering to Targetted Intervention (TI) Sites and far flung areas in Meghalaya:

Major Achievement: 3 (Three) Mobile ICTCs was launched to cater to the need of the people of the State of which one is placed in Shillong where it will cover East Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills and Ri Bhoi District, One mobile ICTC caters to Jaintia Hills Districts and the other mobile ICTC is placed at Tura where its coverage include West Garo Hills, East Garo Hills and South Garo Hills Districts of Meghalaya.

List of ICTCs in the State:

Sl.NoDistrictName of Standalone ICTC
1East Khasi HillsGanesh Das Hospital
2Shillong Civil Hospital
4Mawryngkneng PHC
5West Khasi HillsNongstoin Civil Hospital
6South West Khasi HillsMawkyrwat CHC
7Ri BhoiUmsning CHC
8Byrnihat PHC
9Nongpoh Civil Hospital
10West Jaintia HillsJowai Civil Hospital
11East Jaintia HillsKhliehriat CHC
12East Garo HillsWilliamnagar Civil Hospital
13West Garo HillsTura Civil Hospital
14Tura MCH
15Phulbari CHC
16South Garo HillsBaghmara Civil Hospital
17Khasi HillsMobile (Shillong Unit)
18Jaintia HillsMobile (Jaintia Unit)
19Garo HillsMobile (Tura Unit)
  Name of PPP-ICTC
1East Khasi HillsNazareth Hospital
2Dr. Robert Gordon Hospital (KJP)
3West Khasi HillsHoly Cross Health Centre Mairang
4West Jaintia HillsDr. Norman Tunnel Hospital Jowai
5West Garo HillsTura Christian Hospital
Name of F-ICTCs
1East Khasi HillsUnit Hospital, 1 MLP Mawiong, Shillong
2Smit PHC
3Sohra CHC
4Mawphlang PHC
5Mawsynram CHC
6Kharmalki UHC
7Mawpat UHC
8Pynthorbah UHC
9Jaiaw UHC
10Pongtung PHC
11Reid Provincial Chest Hospital
12Ichamati CHC
13BSF Composite Hospital
14Bishnupur UHC
15Mawiong CHC
16Pynursla CHC
17Lam Jingshai Core Composite (TI-NGO)
18Manbha Foundation (TI-NGO)
19Voluntary Health Association of M IDU Shillong (TI-NGO)
21Ri BhoiPatharkhmah CHC
22Bhoirymbong CHC
23Mawhati PHC
24KJP Selda Nongpoh (TI-NGO)
25South West Khasi HillsMawthawpdah PHC
26Ranikor CHC
27West Khasi HillsNongkhlaw CHC
28Riangdo CHC
29DTC Nongstoin
30Pariong PHC
31Tirot Singh Memorial Hospital
32West Jaintia HillsNartiang CHC
33Nongtalang CHC
34Laskein CHC, Jowai
35Dawki PHC
36Shangpung PHC
40East Jaintia HillsSutnga CHC
41MCSWA CC Khliehriat (TI-NGO)
42North Garo HillsMendipathar PHC
43Gabil PHC
44Resubelpara CHC
45South West Garo HillsMahendraganj CHC
46Ampati CHC
47West Garo HillsDalu CHC
48DTC Tura
49Selsella CHC

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