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In response to the evolving epidemic, the third phase of the national programme (NACPIII) was launched in July 2007 with the goal of Halting and Reversing the Epidemic by the end of project period. NACP was a scientifically well-evolved programme, grounded on a strong structure of policies, programmes, schemes, operational guidelines, rules and norms. NACP-III aimed at halting and reversing the HIV epidemic in India over its five-year period by scaling up prevention efforts among High Risk Groups (HRG) and General Population and integrating them with Care, Support & Treatment services. Thus, Prevention and Care, Support & Treatment (CST) form the two key pillars of all the AIDS control efforts in India. Strategic Information Management and Institutional Strengthening activities provide the required technical, managerial and administrative support for implementing the core activities under NACP-III at national, state and district levels.

The capacities of State AIDS Control Societies (SACS) and District AIDS Prevention and Control Units (DAPCUs) have been strengthened. Technical Support Units (TSUs) were established at National and State level to assist in the Programme monitoring and technical areas. A dedicated North-East regional Office has been established for focused attention to the North Eastern states. State Training Resource Centres (STRC) was set up to help the state level implementation units and functionaries. Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) has been established and nation-wide rollout is under way with about 15,000 reporting units across the country. The next phase of NACP will build on these achievements and it will be ensured that these gains are consolidated and sustained.

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